InterContinental Bali Resort

Bali, Indonesia

Devy Anggraeny
Melia Hindrawan

Media Group Hospitality

Project Phase

Partially Completed (2022)


An Understated Luxury in Jimbaran

Intercontinental Bali Resort is the first 5-star hotel built on the shores of the beautiful Jimbaran Bay. It is situated in 14 hectares of tropical landscaped gardens that respect Bali’s rich culture, fine artistry, and Hindu heritage. Established in 1993 with a Balinese architectural concept that adapts the Tri Hita Karana concept by Hadiprana, this Resort Hotel owns a distinctive charm and luxury. Fast forward to March 2021, we were assigned to upgrade the hotel in expect to maintain the hotel’s existence until the next few years. The renovation journey began with the lobby area and their renowned Indonesian restaurant called Jimbaran Gardens.


Exuding the charm and modern elegance

We revamped the lobby area to be more contemporary without diminishing any of the Balinese architecture concepts. By adding a touch of natural design, we kept the combination of white marble and gold lamps that the owner likes with a glossy black floor that finally adds to the elegant guise of the lobby. The toilet area is also made with luxury statuario marble which is beveled to create a magnificent impression, combined with wooden handles and carpets that makes the extravagance even more radiated.


Revamped in an elegant & contemporary Balinese style

Unveil the new look of Intercontinental Bali Resort with a redefined elegant luxury resort mixed with the charming Balinese contemporary style. In total, we were in charge of renovating its 2 private villas, equivalent to the presidential suite and touching up the existing suites in the entire wing of the hotel. Besides these rooms and Jimbaran Garden restaurant, the other resort facilities also went for a series of uplifting renovations, among which are the new spa café, the most sought-after restaurants – Bella Cucina, the breakfast resto – Taman Gita, and the 30-year-old Imperial Villa.