De Paviljoen Hotel


Devy Anggraeny
Adytia Yuda A.
Anita Rahardja

Project Phase

Completed 2016


A Heritage Dutch-style House Full of History

In 2013, a couple who inherited a 2,000 m2 Dutch-style residential house in Bandung’s notable tourist areas decided to convert their large site into a legendary hotel and art gallery. The wife’s father formerly owned the house; a well-respected army colonel called Brata Manggala, who first bought it from a Chinese family, namely the Tjong brothers, in 1966. Following the house’s previous functions as a homey old house and a prominent art gallery that welcomed many guests in Bandung, then inspired the designers to proceed with its “Home for Everyone” values across this celebrated hotel.


Weaving the inherent warmth with artistic elements

The unique house came with rich taste, including the mix of Colonial Style with local Indonesian influences, traditional Sundanese roof “Julang Ngaplak,” and other traditional patterns. Since our designers respected the Old House’s history and its artistically rich and welcoming feeling, they decided to extensively apply some of its artistic elements to the whole interior. This artistic narrative accent and traditional architecture were then woven into the hotel and transformed the old house into a 4-star hotel with a user-friendly design.

This statement is translated by choice of color scheme and materials closely related to a characteristic of a home. It used less reflective materials such as glass and turned to be felt warmer from a choice of earth-colored paint. The entrance has a homey atmosphere with a selection of loose furniture for reception tables and a spacious area with a living room style in the lounge. A color palette of white with light neutral colors – grey, black and beige – dominates the space, with darker greys as accents. Moldings and panels are incorporated, reflecting the colonial design. The bedroom interior exudes simplicity, featuring contrasting whites with bold browns and blacks, sparkles of color, and touches of antique stained glass intelligently separate the area. Meanwhile, the interior of the kids club is pure imagination with bright murals that create a life of its own.

“We respected the Old House’s history and its artistically rich and welcoming feeling…”


Winning The Best Boutique Hotel Interior Design Award

Our attention to design in the rooms and facilities won Best Boutique Hotel Development and Best Boutique Hotel Interior Design at the 5th annual PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards in 2019. With a “Contemporary Colonial” style inspired by the artistic side of Bandung itself, we mixed Dutch colonialism, street style, and traditional Javanese culture. Memorably, De Paviljoen Hotel has contributed significantly to Bandung’s tourism scene by becoming a humble place that represents the identity of its culture and history with an enticing exterior that can attract local people and the international community.