Bali Intercontinental Grand Ballroom

Bali. Indonesia

Devy Anggraeny
Adytia Yuda A.

Project Phase

Under Construction


Realizing a Bigger Vision for Bigger MICE Capacities

As a hotel that has been around for more than 30 years, the 5-star Intercontinental Hotel Resort tries to capture the need for the best ballroom facilities in Bali that accommodate more than 2000 people. Starting in 2021, The Bali Intercontinental Grand Ballroom (BIGB) is upgrading its sizes, style, and spaces to add to its existing exclusive MICE facilities. The existing Puri Kencana Ballroom building has an area of ​​28 x 18 m (internal dimensions), which will continue to operate with renovations to the interior. Meanwhile, the Pre-function area will be merged with a new pre-function area named “Loggia”.


Pre-function with a garden view

As a transition area from the garden entrance to the main ballroom, Loggia is now easily becoming a central point of interest because its walls are dominated by transparent glass, allowing people inside to see the landscape outside, and vice versa. The nuance of this space will be part of the outdoor space where the floor material is one level and the same material. The view from the outside on the way to the entrance gives a “preface” waiting for visitors inside the building. This “opening introduction” is like the “opening notes” of a song that can be fully heard as we go deeper.

“In this Loggia room, the interior architecture becomes
an integral part of the overall “architectural statement”. -Paul T Tan


From traditional to an outstanding meeting experience

Located in the south area of the hotel complex, this new ballroom building is also dedicated as a Contemporary Art Gallery filled with various collections of artworks and paintings, making it a representation of the owner’s thoughts on his fondness for art. This makes the overall experience more notable from the main entrance to the mezzanine level, where more small meeting rooms and board rooms are located. And for the rest of the ballroom, the facilities are fully-upgraded are designed in an integrated manner while still meeting international standards, especially in terms of Audio-Video system connectivity and acoustic quality. To complete the facilities, this grand ballroom is also prepared as a disabled-friendly place, characterized by adequate ramp and lift facilities with special toilets for the disabled.