Arkilla Lost Paradise

Belitung Island, Indonesia

Devy Anggraeny
Adhitia Panduwinata
Stefanny Dwitama

Famindo Internasional Resor

Project Phase

Under Development


An Abandoned Mining Site has Potential Charm

Nestled beside a protected rainforest and a serene big river lies a hidden jewel in Belitung. A tiny island paradise off the east coast of Sumatra. Formerly an abandoned tin mining wasteland, this 42 Ha landfill is left with a vast potential to be a luxurious eco-resort within an agro-tourism area. The ex-mining site was filled with clear blue waters and white sand. With returning to nature as its main intention, the critical thinking of this project is giving back the spotlight to the surrounding nature and its local endemic. IDD must then unfold its beautiful, unique atmosphere while reserving natural elements and totally elevating this area’s ambiance.


Local Endemic Influences

IDD draws the design upon the local culture while embracing nature and offering luxury in every touch. Local crafts are combined with an artistic twist to create an eclectic mix and a unique experience for guests. Furniture and finishes are inspired by found objects and natural systems discovered on the island. The use of local materials has given the villas an authentic character while ensuring they complement the environment and local culture.

Some of the vital natural elements used are the white sand; the mangroves or the local endemic trees that grow amongst the river and sea banks; to a dome and twig-shaped beaver house that floats in the middle of a lake.

“Inspirations are also taken from Belitung Batik patterns that are shaped from the endemic fish, The Cempedik; to other local endemic plantations such as Simpor leaves and flowers”
Devy Anggraeny


A Private Luxurious Eco-Resort in a Natural, Rustic Setting

IDD’s tropical modernism design combined with a barefoot luxury aesthetic conveys a chic yet rustic result. Every nature-inspired design offers a distinctive experience for each villa and its regional masterplan., Altogether, this project has assembled a lot of unique atmospheres, tones, and emotions and gave birth to a genuinely unique eco-luxurious resort experience that can only be found in Arkilla Belitung.