Podomoro Park Show Unit

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Devy Anggraeny
Tommi Hapsoro

Project Phase

Under Construction (2022)


Building a 130 ha World-Class Home Resort in Bandung

An integrated residential project under the master plan and landscape design from Palmscape Singapore and developed by PT. Agung Podomoro Land Tbk, Podomoro Park Bandung is inspired by the multiple award-winning suburban housing of Woodbridge Irvine in California. With an area of 130 ha, the plan is to restore the peaceful and picturesque atmosphere of ‘Bandoeng Tempo Doeloe’, which includes these five resort elements; green open area, clean air, a beautiful lake in the middle of the neighborhood, lush trees, and a clear view of South Bandung Mountain. To fulfill this grand vision, the developer particularly assigned IDD to design the show unit for two of their home-resort clusters, The Fashagriya (Type 6) and The Anapuri (Type 8).


Glam & calm homes in one sanctuary

Given the brief where both show units must reflect massive elements of nature while also having their own distinction, we make Type 6 Cluster looks more contemporary and glam, while Type 8 is more calming and warm.
The glam vibe in Type 6 is designed with the contemporary minimalism of the Scandinavian aesthetic, where elegant pieces like light marble flooring match with indulgent textures in small spaces. Referencing a modern-style resort and house, the warm ambiance in Type 8 is arranged meticulously from an interfusion of neutral-colored fabric selection and hints of dark wood materials such as wood panels for flooring.


Thriving to be Bandung’s most wanted housing cluster.

Despite the mood differences, both show units shared the same formula of a serene living room, thanks to the adjustable lighting sources in every corner and a modern ceiling design style with a trox air conditioning system.
Providing these show units with a resort vibe that creates a balanced sense of coziness and beauty of nature, this residential project is expected to be Bandung’s most wanted housing cluster.