Vimala Hills Service Apartment

Ciawi, Bogor, Indonesia

Devy Anggraeny
Adhitia Panduwinata

Agung Podomoro Group

Project Phase

Design works started (2015)

In association with WATG (Singapore), we were assigned to be the local architect of a premium service apartment in Gadog, Ciawi, Bogor. Situated in the hilly-contoured land, the site’s contour becomes challenging, with a level difference of approximately 14 meters between the front and back. However, the site also features wonderful vistas of three majestic mountains, the Pangrango, Salak, and Geulis. As part of the Vimala Hills property, these service apartments are designed as a seamless extension to the neighboring Pullman Resort. The bridge concept becomes the most apparent feature connecting these two projects, like a signature element starting from the arrival experience. The architecture also takes elements from the Pullman, such as the guest wing architecture, and applies them to the service apartment at a more appropriate scale and proportion.

Both apartment buildings are designed with large green courtyards for outdoor activities and gatherings. These courtyards become central circulation areas with natural light and vegetation. Altogether, there are 511 room units, including the Penthouse with public spaces and about other 13.000 m2, covering the receptionist, lobby lounge, family pool, fitness center, and F&B.