Thousand Island

Tommi Hapsoro
Anita Rahardja

Media Group

Project Phase

Completed (2022)

Appointed as the interior consultants of a rest home within a captivating private island near Jakarta, our designers are excited to have built such a resort house with the luxury of an entire island paradise. Located on a private-owned island, a petite jewel with pristine white sand beaches in the Thousand Islands, the island is approximately one hectare. This rest house is built with a 2-story building plan in an 1119 m2 area, with a concept inspired by a 5-star luxury hotel and a colonial-style architectural building like a statehouse.

Each floor in this house is decorated with marble flooring, curated chandeliers, well-lit ceiling lamps, and elegant looking color palette. To perfect the island theme, we also combine the colonial idea with a touch of resort-style that elevate the sense of comfort and the impression of relaxation for anyone residing in this house.