Rider Group Office (Mulia Knitting)

West Jakarta, Indonesia

Devy Anggraeny
Adytia Yuda A.
Nicholas Raditheo

Rider Group

Project Phase

Design works started (2021)

When Rider Group, one of Indonesia’s market leaders in the garment sector, felt its headquarters had outgrown its growing company, it decided to renovate its office space to bring the best out of the space’s function, efficiency, and productivity. With an area of 3,200 m2 and two-story buildings, the office must display a corporate and professional look right from the lobby, meeting, and showroom, and the finest convenience within the BOD lounge and team offices. Therefore, the design and function efficiency between these spaces must be very thoughtful. By concept, the interior design will combine the Corporate, Playful, Simple, and Contemporary styles, including a few colorful abstract arts to fill the space. Out of all the existing space, the facade of the building tends also needs an urgent uplift, so we also redesigned and rejuvenated the finishing of the building, the security post area, and the main fence so that the entire front area of the building looks fresher.