Nissi Bintaro Campus

South Jakarta, Indonesia

Devy Anggraeny
Adhitia Panduwinata

The Nissi Group

Project Phase

Completed (2016)

Nissi Bintaro Campus is a high-standard office with complete facilities and numerous functional spaces. The building exterior looks like a wavy curve with a modern style facade. This concept was born from the character of the building’s owner company called Data On, a leading provider of HR, ERP, and Accounting technology solutions in Indonesia, consisting of energic young office workers with dynamic working activities. When entering the lobby, a mood of innovation can be sensed since we made the lobby reception layout a bit playful in perspective. To bring out the mood of the overall formal yet dynamic ambiance, we chose a neutral color scheme consisting of white, light to dark grey, and brown across the buildings.

On the south side of the building, we also designed a comfortable courtyard covered by sunlight, known as the South Courtyard. This courtyard surfaces due to the collision of the two building masses between the transparent and solid masses. As can be seen, this collision later turned out to be our central concept for the whole innovative architecture direction.