NasDem Tower

Central Jakarta, Indonesia

Devy Anggraeny
Adytia Yuda A.
Anita Rahardja
Melia Hindrawan

Media Group

Project Phase

Completed (2022)


Limited Space within a Classical Neighborhood

As one of the renowned political parties in Indonesia, NasDem intens to build a home for the neighbourhood area for the activities of the National Democratic (NasDem) Party. Surrounded by classical architectural buildings in an old prestigious residential of Central Jakarta, Nasdem Tower was built on 3,235 sqm, where the previous existing operational buildings must be renewed. Another challenge was due to its limited parking space. IDD was challenged to reflect the grand charisma of the party into every corner while converting an old party office stigma into a new modern statement.


Professional Look that Mirror the Positive Image of the Party

Architecturally, the limited land was turned into a 21-stories building with a helipad on the top floor, making this office tower the largest office party building. By interior, IDD pays detailed attention to the aesthetic elements of each spatial plan and gives a thoughtful design that fits its users’ needs holistically.

Dominated by white marble and white wall panels aligned to gold accents, IDD planned to bring out the strength of the professional side and strong charisma to describe the character of the NasDem office.

With hints of Indonesian elements and artwork in every corner,
IDD also emphasizes the owner’s fondness for art, making the space rich with the Indonesian national heritage.


A New Modern Statement to Political Parties in Indonesia

Overall, the office design became a breakthrough. The interior design carries a formal concept with a semi-classic colonial style and modern luxury blend. It also implies professional appearance and luxury that successfully breaks the stigma of political party offices’ old and moderate style.