Indesign Domus is a professional Architectural and Interior Design consultancy company and is a sister company to ARKdesign, an architectural consultancy listed with the IAI. With over 10 years of industry experience, we have worked with a wide range of clients, from private housing and apartments to more large scale commercial investments including inter­nationally recognized hotels and resorts. Our specialization is in the hospitality sector. With an experienced team of creative individuals we believe thoughtful Interior Design is beneficial for both the occupants and the environment and plays an im­portant role in one’s quality of life. We strive to provide an exceptional service to our client’s needs and focus on bringing innovative and modern design solutions to life.

At IDD we go beyond taking on a project simply following a supercial ‘style’ and attempt to study how a specific space can positively impact the user and bring about an emotional response. We seek a holistic approach to Interior Design focusing on 4 areas: The Design, The User, The Behaviour and The Experience. We believe all four of these points are interconnected, and through thoughtful design we have the ability to impact both the environment and our emotional experience. We seek a unique approach to every project, satisfying the clients needs based upon our understanding of how one might best experience a space, and what might bring about a unique emotional response. Of specific importance is the idea of ‘experience’. Our goal is to provide moving, unique and memorable spaces.

ARKdesign was founded by architect, Paul Tan and began as a Jakarta based architectural design consulting firm in 1986 named ARKIPURI.

In 1990, Arkipuri  joined as partner and shareholder, a group of international Architecture and interior design consulting firms throughout Asia, based in Hong Kong, Architects Pacific. ARKdesign’s first two major projects became landmark buildings in Jakarta, which have since set the standards for design and quality of other developments. Since 1995, Arkipuri independently continued its own international design practices with offices in Jakarta, Manila and Japan. This group of design firms is called ARKdesign.

ARKdesign operates on the notion that design, project administration and company management, must act as one smooth operating system, to ensure the successful delivery of services to each project. Each element has its role to play in the process of creative architecture from the beginning to end.